humidity target for 4degree rooms

Hi All,
I am wondering if anyone knows the official target for humidity levels in cold rooms? Focus on worm plate storage, of course!

Thanks, Monica


official no, but for bulk standard NGM plates <60% is going to bring the chances of mould contamination right down. There again, we store our plates at RT and they are fineā€¦perhaps our turnover of newly poured plates is higher than yours because we are a small lab.

We also use non-vented plates, but then I guess most people do.

The biggest issue with walk-in cold rooms used to be that, to get over the asphixiation problem (unconscious PhD student slumped over a HPLC apparatus), cold rooms had air blowers installed which then increased the humidity problem. separating temperature and humidity control is useful (as is shutting the door!).

Or did you mean re. the storage of seeded NGM plates?