Identification of unknown genes

Hi. I have got a new mutant by EMS screening. I’m wondering if anyone knows how to identify this unknown gene by sequencing. Maybe whole genome sequencing? I also want to know if any company can provide such sequencing service.
Thank you for your help.
CAI Yuxin

Hello Cai,

I think one of the best approaches to identify this unknown gene is by using mapping by sequencing (check this wormbook chapter for more info: doi. org / 10.1534 / genetics . 115 . 186197). The idea is to use crosses to shorten (or “flag”) the region where your mutation is located and then use Whole Genome Sequencing to figure out the specific polymorphism in that region.

For WGS, in our lab we send our samples to Novogene, but surely there’s plenty of companies that offer the same service. Just make sure you get enough sequencing depth (e.g. 2 gigabases of data for at least 20X coverage).


Thank you for your reply! I will follow this idea.