IMCBio PhD Position on direct reprogramming / JARRIAULT lab

IMCBio PHD position: we were selected as a potential recipient lab for an IMCBio PhD fellowship, starting September 2020!

APPLY TO OUR LAB through - JARRIAULT lab, to elucidate the nuclear networks that drive the efficient reprogramming of a rectal cell into a motoneuron!

The project will determine the hierarchical relationships between reprogramming factors, the exact timing and dynamics of their activity, their targets, and will model how these interactions can impact on the invariant timing of a natural direct reprogramming event. It will involve genetic, imaging and molecular biology approaches, as well as high throughput genomics and single cell RNA Sequencing / bioinformatics approaches and modelling. Such study will highlight the intricate molecular events that unfold in a cell before it initiates reprogramming, a current challenge in the field

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Deadline is March 10th ! (online application)