IMGS Call for officer nominations

The Nominating and Elections Committee (NEC) of the International Mammalian Genome Society (IMGS) is accepting nominations to fill:

Three position(s) on the Secretariat (3-year terms).
Two positions on the NEC (2-year terms).

 In consultation with the current Vice-President of the Secretariat and the secretariat members who have recently rotated off, the NEC will review the nominations submitted by members of the IMGS, contact nominees to confirm that they are willing to stand for election, distribute ballots, count the votes, and announce the results by email before the next IMGC.


 ( BEFORE October 1, 2023!


 The current presidents (-2025) are:

Past President, Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena, US

President, Yann Herault, France (to become Past-President at the end of 38th IMGC, April 2025)

President Elect, Laura Reinholdt, US (to become President at the end of 38th IMGC, April 2025)

The current members of the Secretariat, in addition to the President Elect/President/Past President, are:

Terms through Spring, 2024 meeting:

*Elena de la Casa Esperon, Spain

*Hiroshi Masuya, Japan

*Xavier Montagutelli, France

Terms through 2025 meeting:

Beth Dumont, US

Binnaz Yalcin, France

Marie Bourdon, France (VM Chapman Award Winner)

Terms through 2026 meeting:

Teresa Gunn, US

Kento Morimoto, Japan (VM Chapman Award Winner)

Current NEC members include:

Through Spring, 2024 meeting:

*David Ashbrook (University of Tennessee, Health Sciences Center, Memphis, TN, US)

*Lydia Teboul (MRC Harwell, Oxfordshire, UK)

Through Spring, 2025 meeting:

Hiroshi Kiyonari (Riken, Japan)

Rachel Lynch (UNC- Chapel Hill, US)

Note: New NEC members cannot be from Riken or UNC-Chapel Hill as no two NEC members can be from the same institution.

*Rotating off at end of meeting Spring, 2024

Current members of the Secretariat and the NEC are not eligible for re-election.

See Our Members — International Mammalian Genome Society for a list of IMGS members, or Join — International Mammalian Genome Society to join or renew your IMGS membership. The 37th IMGC/TAGC2024 will be in Washington, DC March 6-10, 2024.