Industry postdoc opportunity in genome engineering and anthelmintic discovery

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Job Title: Industry postdoc opportunity in genome engineering and anthelmintic discovery

Job Description: Drug resistance to anthelmintics is on the rise. New anthelmintics are needed to rein in the $100s of billions in crop and livestock losses and to help control infections in over 2 billion people. The concern is most acute in the animal health industry, where companies are under pressure to quickly find new parasiticides that work through novel mechanisms of action. In response to this need, AxumBio has developed a screening platform to discover drugs acting to control parasite reproduction and parasite infectiveness. Axumbio’s patented platform technology for bioengineering C. elegans model organisms into high-throughput biosensors is being expanded to identify new anthelmintics.

The postdoctoral position would involve exploring and identifying new anthelmintic targets and creating transgenics to insert drug targets and reporter genes into genomes.

Desired Knowledge and Skills:
Molecular Biology techniques such as PCR, qPCR, gel electrophoresis, and cloning.
Experience in gene expression profiling techniques such as RNA-seq.
General lab techniques such as calculating dilutions, Molarity, and dosage.
Sterile technique and high-throughput assays.
Experience with model organism research or cell culture.
DNA sequence analysis software such as Benchling.
Fluorescence microscopy and plate reader assays.
Organization, working well in a team, accountability, and initiative.

Applicants must be U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals or U.S. permanent residents, and must have received a Ph.D. degree in a science, technology, engineering or mathematical (STEM) discipline in the seven years prior to the application date. (Anticipated Ph.D. candidates may apply for the fellowship but may not start the program, if selected, until the degree is received.) Applicants must not have received a prior postdoctoral fellowship in a corporate laboratory for a term of more than six months.

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