Isolation of Mitochondria-regarding

Whether their is any Percoll based ultracentrifuge density gradient protocol for isolation of C elegans whole Mitochondrial proteome,

Thanking you to provide me link or copy of that protocol.

Yours obediently

Dilawer Mir


take a look at this paper, hopefully you have access to it through your institution;;jsessionid=9AEDF3839A5218ADB96D332AE3055960.f03t01?systemMessage=Wiley+Online+Library+will+be+disrupted+Saturday%2C+7+June+from+10%3A00-15%3A00+BST+(05%3A00-10%3A00+EDT)+for+essential+maintenance

(why do they make these links so long? ???)

They use Nycodenz (presumably to avoid some of the issues with Percoll), but the description is pretty comprehensive.