Junior PI position in Rennes, France

The Institute of Genetics and Development of Rennes (IGDR) is a multi-disciplinary biological research institute affiliated with the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), located on the campus of the University of Rennes in the capital of the Brittany Region in France. The IGDR offers a unique scientific environment that covers research in genetics and genomics, epigenetic regulation, cell and developmental biology, and structural biology. We are opening a position for an outstanding junior scientist who wishes to establish an independent research group to address cutting-edge biological questions, in particular those related to the interests of the institute.

The IGDR is comprised of 21 research teams with ~200 international researchers and staff (Institute Genetics & Development of Rennes). Research at the institute takes advantage of a variety of model systems, including mouse, chicken, frog, nematode, fly, yeast, mammalian cells and bacteria, to pursue both discovery research as well as the biology of human health and disease. The institute is supported by platforms that provide advanced light and electron microscopy, access to high throughput genomics equipment, cell cytometry, and animal facilities (https://biosit.univ-rennes1.fr/).

The selected candidate will receive assistance from the institute in applying for a tenured position within the CNRS, INSERM, or the French University system, as well as for competitive starting grants. The newly established group will be provided with laboratory space of approximately 50 m2 and will have full access to shared facilities and infrastructures.

To apply for this position, candidates should provide a cover letter explaining their interest in joining the institute, a curriculum vitae, a summary of scientific achievements (1 page), and a proposed research program (3 pages). Applications should be sent as a single PDF file no later than June 1, 2019 to the Institute Director Pr Reynald GILLET, at the following address: direction.igdr@univ-rennes1.fr. In addition, three letters of recommendation should be sent separately to the above address.

The city of Rennes is a vibrant and dynamic city in northwestern France with easy and direct access to Paris (1h 20 min by train). Due to its high quality of life, attractive environment, and lively student population, it is consistently considered one of the most pleasant cities to live in France.