L1 diapause microarray

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I am looking for a publication/results dealing with L1 diapause (and not dauer). Do you know if microarray experiments have been performed using fed L1 N2 compared to N2 arrested in L1 diapause (other than Jeong P-Y, Kwon M-S, Joo H-J, Paik Y-K (2009) Molecular Time-Course and the Metabolic Basis of Entry into Dauer in Caenorhabditis elegans. PLoS ONE 4(1): e4162))

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This is a very interesting paper that deals exactly with the question you’re interested in.

Baugh, L. R., J. Demodena, et al. (2009). “RNA Pol II accumulates at promoters of growth genes during developmental arrest.” Science 324(5923): 92-4.

Unfortunately, although they have conducted (extensive) microarray analysis, you’ll only find a very limited number of genes mentioned in the paper. Make sure you check the supplementary data, some of the data is hidden there. If what you’re after is not mentioned there, you might want to contact them directly.


There is a link to the GEO submission in that paper (Baugh et al 2009)


Looks like there’s lots of data there,


thank you very much !

I gonna have a look in this paper !