L4 stage

New to C. elegans. Does anyone has a good description for a newbie to learn to distinguish different stages of the worm under a dissecting microscope, particularly L4: early L4, mid L4, late L4, then young adult.
Or is a there a resource showing pictures of different L4 and adult.
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Methods in Cell Biology vol. 48 has images of the developmental stages, but the best method by far is to spend some time at the scope watching them. You can use bleaching plus temperature to get worms at the desired stage. Observe them every hour or two, especially during the molts. If you plan to work with worms, it will be time well spent.


Check out Wormatlas reproductive chapter (http://www.wormatlas.org/hermaphrodite/egglaying%20apparatus/Eggframeset.html) EggFig SUP1. It was created for the purpose you are asking for.