how much in magnification of the microscope is suitable for picking L4stage?thanks

perhaps I’m out of line here, but I’d expect someone who was seriously involved in research (e.g. in a lab) using C. elegans to have either (in order of likelihood);

  1. To have read the literature (and hence to have found numerous references to ‘dissecting microscopes’, 6 -50x magnification is suitable’ etc.)

  2. been told by their friendly PhD student/technician/Post Doc mentor which microscope to use (if they had got over the shock that you hadn’t done 1.)

  3. noticed the fact that worm labs have numerous dissecting microscopes knocking around.

  4. called a friend.

In terms of narrowing down the options, the Cox lab has a brief but informative YouTube video which tells you (rather shows you) what makes L4s so recognisable;


it even includes a Monkees track ‘Believer’…I was overwhelmed… :’(.