Lab manager needed in the lab of Daniel Colón-Ramos at Yale University

The Colón-Ramos lab studies how synapses are assembled in living animals to produce behaviors and store memories, and we use C. elegans to examine the cell biological mechanisms by which synapses are precisely assembled during development, maintained during growth and modified during learning to store memories. We are looking to hire a lab manager to fulfill an important support position within our growing lab.

All members of the lab perform research and experiments that work towards the primary goals of the lab. However, the primary responsibilities of a lab manager will be assisting the lab and keeping things running smoothly, for example: by ordering and maintaining stocks of important lab reagents; curating and frezing our plasmid and worm strains; and acting as a research liaison for the lab, including training new members on methods and standards.

Interested candidates can apply for this position here. More detail on the position is posted on the lab website, including a more in-depth description of the expectations of a candidate, and additional questions can be emailed directly to the lab to this address. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!