Lab technician position in Javier Apfeld's lab at Northeastern University

A lab technician position is currently open in the Apfeld lab (
in the Biology Department at Northeastern University.

The lab technician will be a full member of the lab, participating in research and in lab
management and organizational tasks.

The job will include conducting an independent research project and assisting with
ongoing research projects. You will run our Lifespan Machine, and will use, maintain,
and expand this cluster of modified flatbed scanners with custom image processing
software to measure C. elegans stress resilience and lifespan at high resolution.
Additional responsibilities include maintaining some stocks and solutions,
organizing lab inventories and assisting with ordering and organization of
supplies, keeping excellent records, and presenting at lab meetings and at local
scientific conferences.

Ideal candidates will have completed BS or an MS in Biology, or a related
field and will be seeking additional laboratory experience before plunging back into
graduate or medical school. Applications from more senior research scientists and
laboratory managers are also welcome.

Knowledge of molecular biology techniques, good organizational skills, and ability to
work without extensive supervision are required. Experience with C. elegans, or
another genetic model organism, is highly desirable but not required. At least one year
of lab experience is required.

Please apply via, including a cover-letter
describing research interests and experience, a detailed CV with technical expertise, and
contact information of 2-3 references. For inquiries email