Lab technician position, Mitochondria Diseases and Aging, Dusseldorf, Germany

One lab technician position is available for highly motivated candidates to join a young, international and dynamic research environment in the Mitochondria-associated Disorders and Aging group headed by Dr. Ventura at the IUF - Leibniz Institute for Environmental Medicine, Duesseldorf, Germany. The IUF is a newly established Leibniz Institute, which is currently undergoing renovations of infrastructures and recruitment of new personnel. Thanks to the close cooperation with other groups at the IUF, at the Heinrich-Heine-University and Hospital, the IUF combine cross-disciplinary basic research with applied and translational research.

Our lab mostly employs the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans as a model organism, and utilizes several genetic, biochemical and behavioral complementary approaches to address a very exciting and fundamental question: how do environmental and genetic factors influence Mitochondria-associate Disorders and Aging? You can find more information about our lab and research at

A bachelor’s degree in biology or related field, prior laboratory experience, strong organizational skills and good social and scientific English communication are required. In addition to technical understanding of genetic, biochemical, and/or molecular biology approaches the optimal candidate would also display an eagerness to work independently to provide both intellectual and technical input to their own projects, as well as to work supervised and as part of a team, by constructively participating to regular lab meetings.

The successful applicant will utilize genetic, molecular and state-of-the-art microscopy to create and characterize new C. elegans transgenic and mutant strains to model mitochondria-associated ataxia diseases. Therefore, besides daily duties such as animals’ maintenance and freezing, as well as basic lab management, proficiency with cloning and C. elegans genetics is a prerequisite. Previous experience with injection and EMS mutagenesis is a plus but is not required.

If you are interested please send your CV and at least one letter of recommendation to

For more information you can reach us at:

Natascia Ventura, MD, PhD,
Office: +49- (0)211-3389-203
Lab: +49- (0)211-3389-237