Laboratory technician

We are looking to hire an organized, systematic and enthusiastic research technician to work in the Laboratory of Dr. Veena Prahlad at the University of Iowa, Iowa City.
• BA or BS degree with an emphasis on molecular biology; other degree/training that provides a solid understanding of molecular biology and genetics
• Minimum two-year commitment

Preferred but not required:
• Proficiency in Gateway or Gibson cloning
• Previous experience with C. elegans or other model organisms
• Experience with microscopy and live imaging of fluorescently tagged proteins

Specific duties:
• Classical genetics: crosses
• Maintenance of laboratory stocks
• Maintenance of requisite laboratory records
• Molecular biology: cloning, PCR, RT-PCR, DNA isolation and sequencing
• Microscopy: high-resolution live imaging of fluorophore fusion proteins
• Time demand: at least 40 hours/week

To apply, please send a CV and contact information of three references to
The Prahlad laboratory at the Department of Biology at the University of Iowa, in Iowa City works on understanding the role of the nervous system in regulating cellular stress responses. The University of Iowa provides a diverse and vibrant intellectual and collaborative environment. Iowa City itself-one of the worlds UNESCO cities of Literature- has been voted amongst the “best places to live” in a poll by Outside magazine, (