List of the RTKs and GPCR in C. elegans?

This one’s for all the wormbase surfers and computational geneticists out there, I’m looking for input on a datamining question:

Our lab is trying to compile a list of all the Receptor Tyrosine Kinases in C. elegans.
Our criteria are very permisssive, and we would like to include all genes that are even slightly likely to be RTKs.
We’re also trying to do the same thing for GPCRs. and in total, we expect to get around two thousand genes.

Does anyone know of a list already out there?

So far I’ve considered:

  1. Blasting well annotated RTKs & GPCRs in the worm against the worm genome to get paralogs.
  2. Blasting well annotated RTKs & GPCRs in other organisms against the worm genome to get othologs…
  3. Mining literature for lists of RTKs & GPCRs.
    Can anyone weigh in on how to best approach this question?
    Is there an easier way to get the lists I’m looking for?
    Jesse Llop

Harald Hutter has generated a tool to search the genome based on protein domain. It should generate a list of GPCR, not sure about the RTKs.