Locus F02H6.4a/b/c has no STOP codon

The F02H6.4 locus has all the properties of a well-defined coding gene (SL1 and SL2 sites, exons, introns, PolyA sites).
It is expressed, as evidenced by EST and RNAseq transcript data aligned to it.

The odd thing about it is that the EST and RNASeq data both end (there is a PolyA site there) in the middle of what used to be annotated as the last exon.
It appears that the transcript ends without a STOP codon in the reading frame.

I have changed this locus to be a Pseudogene and curated the structure to now end at the apparent end of the transcript, but it still feels rather odd and I am not convinced that this is a normal pseudogene.

It has a paralog: F02H6.3 which appears to be normal.

If anyone wants to do some work to elucidate what is going on here, then please contact and we can discuss things.