Looking for a postdoc with experience in C. elegans

Position Summary

Apply here: MSU Careers Details - Research Associate-Fixed Term

We are seeking a highly motivated and productive chemist/chemical biologist to conduct daily research on exciting recently funded projects of early drug discovery and chemical biology (Lee Receives Two Prestigious Research Awards from NIH | Institute for Integrative Toxicology | Michigan State University). The key functions for this position will be to:

Key functions:

  • Lead a project team to investigate how lipid metabolites affect neurodegeneration and auto-immunity with novel model organisms and cell models
  • Apply, develop and conduct high-throughput screenings in novel model organisms and cell lines to determine the activity of the newly synthesized compounds and metabolites.
  • Adapt new technologies and solutions to program studies.
  • Ensure laboratory compliance with safety regulations and maintain routine day-to-day laboratory operations.
  • Assist project team members in running specific biochemical assays developed in the lab.
  • Assist in the preparation of presentations, manuscripts, and proposals.