Looking for PostDoc position. Early 2016

Dear all,

My name is Sanjib Guha, a final year PhD student at UPF, Barcelona.
Me along with my Thesis director, Dr. Esther Dalfo at IDIBELL Institute, we have successfully created a C. elegans model of X-ALD, which is a neurological disease with progressive CNS demyelination and adrenal insufficiency. (We are planning to send this manuscript to Neuron by this summer).
With worms, my research was focus upon how excessive lipid droplets/ cholesterol accumulation effects mitochondria and other cellular organelles and finally leads to axonal degeneration and ageing. (¨Neuron is particularly sensitive to cholesterol alteration¨)
Apart from this main project, I have worked extensively upon worms chemosensation, chemosensory behaviors, different assays and stainings, working with reporter strains labeling cilia. This manuscript is also written and ready to be send once the previous one is submitted.

I plan to give to give my defense by Nov-Dec this year and then proceed onto next step of my career, early 2016 as a PostDoc. If you are interested and want to know more about me please drop an email at sanjibcsu@gmail.com

Thanks a lot.
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I am seeking a postdoc with your experience to work in my lab on an NIH-funded project that studies the epigenetic and transgenerational inheritance in C. elegans. Methods to be used will include genetics, transgenics, ChIP assays, fluorescence microscopy and electrophysiology/biochemistry assays using C. elegans embryonal cultures.
Qualifications: PhD in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics or related fields.
If interested, please send an e-mail to lcarvelli@fau.edu with the subject heading “postdoc application

Thanks Dr. Carvelli for your reply and showing interest to my post.
Currently, am a postdoc associate at the University of Rochester and soon will be research assistant professor here.
So I wish you all the best in terms of hiring and if some opportunity arises in future will definitely connect with you.
Thanks once again,

Is this offer still up? I think I can fit in the position.