M80 Stereo Microscope

We are tying to get several M80 stereomicroscope for picking and transferring worms in the lab. Can anyone give us some comments on M80s? Are they good?

The M80 has great optics - nearly parafocal - thus, not that much hassle with re-focusing.
However, for worms, one needs their high-end LED stage, which is really expensive.
If you have the money, go for the M80 - otherwise I would recommend the Olympus SZX10 (or SZX7 with a higher mag objective)

  • the optics are not as good as the Leica‚Äôs but the LED stage is nice and much cheaper.


Thanks a lot, Cha. I will first get a quote for Leica M80. If it is too expensive, I will try Olympus SZX10. Really appreciate your help.