Maternal rescue and maternal effect


Can anyone tell me briefly about what do we mean by maternal rescue and maternal effect ? and how does it effect the genotype/ phenotype of the progeny ?



You can find a brief discussion of maternal effect on Wikipedia. Maternal rescue is when a copy of the gene in the Mom (e.g., Mom is a+/a-) provides enough product (e.g. protein A) in a mutant (e.g. a-) oocyte to prevent expression of a mutant phenotype in a homozygous mutant (e.g. a-/a-) progeny.


Maternal Effect: The genotype of the mom influences the phenotype (good or bad) of the F1 progeny irrespective of their genotype.
Maternal Rescue: is a kind of maternal effect where the genotype of the mom prevents the bad phenotype of the F1 progeny.

thank you.