Mating with eri-1 or lin-15b homozygote males?

Hi everyone,

For a strain that I’m making, I need to cross together eri-1(mg366) and lin-15b(n744). However, crossing with homozygous males (spontaneously generated) of either does not seem to work.
Has anyone tried this for 1 of the genes and succeeded? For both alleles, mating efficiency is not reported on Wormbase.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve done a lot of strain constructions with lin-15B(n744) males, they should mate fine (and because it’s on LGX they’re easy to get).

I’ve never used eri-1, but you could follow it in trans with a gfp-marked balancer? Or mate balancer-heterozygous males into eri-1; lin-15B(n744) hermaphrodites and use the GFP-positive male progeny?

Thanks for your reply! Since lin-15b(n744) has worked fine for you, I might try it that way…
My cross with eri-1 males has failed again so apparently that does not work

Sorry about the late reply. I have mated with eri-1 or rrf-3 males generated by growing these homozygous strains at 25C. Parental brood sizes are very low but the male progeny work well.