Maximum number of genes in one expression vector


I’m planning to make a polycistronic expression vector by inserting several genes (which does not share the promoter originally) into one array.
I’ll inject it into worms of course, but I’m not sure whether the genes are expressed in similar levels.

So my questions are

  1. Has anyone heard of the maximum number of genes that can give stable expression in one array?
  2. Inject one array with 6 genes inserted vs. inject two arrays with 3 genes each. Which will give stable expression?

Thanks in advance.

Check this paper : :wink:

A recently published paper (Ahier A, Jarriault S. et al 2013) might be interest of you as it has provided tools for expression of multiple genes under a single promoter.

The one that I suggest ;). The system is really powerfull, it has some drawbacks but clearly if you want to express different product with the same promoter you can’t make it better than the 2A system.

Thank you very much!