mCherry (or other marker) integrated on X?

Hi all,

I am looking for a C. elegans strain carrying a marker integrated onto the X chromosome that is visible before the L3 stage under a dissecting microscope. It can’t contain GFP but other than that, pretty much anything will do.

Does anyone have or know of such a strain?

Suggestions greatly appreciated,


You might look at this previous thread; in particular, commenter “Freddie” gives instructions on how to do an AQL query for all X-linked transgenes known to Wormbase, and commenter “igor” put up this list of mapped transgenes known to Wormbase release WS199 on the Wormbase wiki.

You might also try contacting some of the people in this thread, as they were interested in collecting useful rfp transgenes two-and-a-half years ago.

And if you search the CGC’s strain list, you find this strain, which might serve.

Great, this is just what i was after.

Thanks ever so much,