Methionine restriction in C. elegans

Hi All,
My lab is interested in getting into c. elegans research. However, we would like to perform a particular type of analysis.
We would like to restrict the methionine content in these worms (down to 40-80% normal methionine ingested).
I am wondering whether this would be possible. As I understand, c. elegans acquire their food/nutrients from irradiated bacteria/e. coli.
There are strains of methionine-deficient e. coli. However, i believe they require methionine in order to grow.
Are there other food sources for c. elegans where i can restrict the methionine content?
I am curious whether you have any suggestions for performing this type of analysis.

Thank you,

The way to remove a particular item from the diet is to used a completely defined media.
A Google search led me a a paper on using a defined media to grow C. elegans in liquid culture.
In 2003 BMC Biotechnology: Chemically defined medium and Caenorhabditis elegans
by Nathaniel J Szewczyk, Elena Kozak and Catharine A Conley*
The preparation looks very tedious, so I recommend looking for any updated defined media recipes on-line.
For example, there appears to be one on JoVE, but I do not have access.
Good luck, Janet