Mgi-list changes

In mid-January, mgi-list will be moving to a new platform, the Alliance Community Forum:

As a subscriber to mgi-list, you will be sent an invitation to join. Although mgi-list will no longer be supported, the mgi-technical-list (for information on MGI schema changes and using APIs) will continue as usual.

The Alliance Community Forum represents the first place for discussions across the Alliance and the model organism communities–flies, frogs, mice, yeast, rats, worms, and zebrafish (from the participating MODs of FlyBase, Xenbase, MGI, SGD, RGD, WormBase, ZFIN, respectively).

In the forum it is easy to only follow specific areas that you may be interested in, and you can choose a variety of notifications for topics of interest. Discussions are searchable (you will be able to find this post long after you have lost this email, by searching for mgi-list) and you can respond to either individuals or the community.

We hope that this opportunity for cross-fertilization stimulates new discussions, raises awareness about techniques from other fields, and provides a convenient place for posting notes of interest to the broader community of biomedical researchers, such as meeting details, job postings, funding announcements, etc.

Here are a few quick tips to get you started:

Like mgi-list, in order to post messages or receive posts, you must be a subscriber. Also like mgi-list, the posts can be viewed by anyone by using the web interface. You can log in with a new account on the forum or an existing Google account if you so choose.

  1. If you want to ask a question to the mouse community:
    Click on Scientific Discussion under Model Organism: Mouse
    Then click on the New Topic button.

  2. Job Postings can be added in a similar manner. You can click on the Job Posting heading to open the position to all organism users, or click on the subheading, Mice, to be more limiting.

  3. You can adjust your level of engagement for a given category by clicking on it and then clicking on the bell icon. There are five levels of engagement ranging from getting notified of every new post in that category, to never being notified.

See also: Discourse New User Guide - users - Discourse Meta

MGI has been posting news about its releases here:

The worm research community has been using this forum successfully for well over a year, hence the large number of posts from their community.

As always, please send questions and comments to MGI User Support,