MGI releases a new Quick Search

The highlight of this MGI release is an all new Quick Search tool featuring:

*Tabbed results for Genome Features, Alleles, Vocabulary Terms, Strains and Stocks, and IDs.
*Depending on the tab, results can be filtered by feature type, GO terms, expression, and phenotype and disease annotations.
*Strains and Stock results include links to the International Mouse Strain Resource (IMSR) and associated references.
*You can search with genome coordinates for mouse or human (human coordinates return the mouse homologs of the human genes within the designated human coordinates).
*Genome Feature and Alleles tabbed results can be forwarded to the MGI Batch Query or MouseMine. Genome Feature results can also be forwarded to the GXD Batch Query.
*An “exact phrase” text search option is provided that returns only results with an exact match to the query string.
*All results can be downloaded as text and spreadsheet files.

We fixed a bug in the Human - Mouse: Disease Connection (Human - Mouse Disease Connection).
You can once again search with mouse or human genome coordinates.

Please send questions and comments to MGI User Support,