Microscopy slides with grid

I am looking for a microscope slide with gridlines for positioning and measuring L1 and L2 animals. I have found slides etched with 1.0 mm grids, and stickers with 1.0 mm grids that can be placed on slides. I would prefer 0.2 or 0.1 mm grids, and I need standard thickness slides (NOT hemocytometer thickness). Has anyone used or seen these? My extensive google searching for “grid slides” and “graticules” has not turned up the product I am looking for.

I have never seen these grid slides, except hemocytometers.
I usually take pictures of my worms with the microscope and measure them with the scale available in the software.\

good luck,

I looked in my Electron Microscopy Sciences catalog (which has lots of nice microscopy stuff) (http://www.emsdiasum.com/microscopy/default.aspx)
and found the following:
“Lovins Micro-slide field finder” Cat#72266-01. It is a standard glass slide that has been photoetched with a 1 mm grid that is subdivided into 0.1 mm intervals. It costs ~$100. However, I am not sure about the optical quality of this slide - it is not designed for mounting specimens, but for helping you relocate samples on another slide.

Instead, I would recommend buying etched coverslips. Doing a google search, I found the following site: http://www.eriesci.com/cover/cover_glass.aspx?id=17
It sells coverslips that have been etched with a 1 mm grid that is subdivided into 0.1 x 0.1 mm squares. I have used etched coverslips before - they are trickier to use than etched slides since they are more fragile, but the optical qualities of the ones I used (Belco 1 mm square gridded slides) was excellent.

Good luck, Janet