Million Mutations Project

I know that Don Moerman spoke about the Million Mutations Project at the last International Worm Meeting (2011). Recently, I have noticed that there are some new (potentially informative) mutations produced by this project in a specific gene that I am really interested in. Would anyone know how to access the variation report for each of these new alleles? Also, does anyone know when the Million Mutations “Kit” will be available?

Dear Chris,
The Million Mutation variations are available in release WS227 of WormBase. This release is currently visible on our development site e.g.

WS227 is due to move to the main site on the 30th Sept.

I’m afraid I can’t answer your question about the Kit. I suggest you ask Don directly. His contact details are here:

Thank you,

Mary Ann


If you are interested in obtaining individual strains carrying particular alleles, we currently have three options for determining the name of the strain you need.

The ftp server ( contains five IGV files for use with the IGV Genome Viewer, which you get along with the ce6 data set from the Broad Institute ( In the viewer you can see the C. elegans genes as introns and exons, then load the MMP data from the files (File->Open, etc.). When the display comes up with the alleles listed, you put the dot of the little cursor right over the tick marking the allele and a pop-up tells you which strain you need.

Alternatively, you can email us (cgc at or Mark Edgley (edgley at with the alleles you’re interested in and we’ll look up the strains for you.