Missing KHPO4 in NGM plates- add or toss?

Hi All,

I feel a bit silly asking this, but it could potentially save 3-4 hours of my day re-pouring new plates. I forgot to add KHPO4 to my NGM mix after autoclaving (I made 500mL, so needed to add 12.5mL KHPO4, all other additives are in there). Question - can I still add filter sterilized KHPO4 in the hood to individual plates and use them? (each plate contains 10mL of NGM, so I would add .25mL of KHPO4 to each plate - a pain, but a smaller pain than re-pouring new plates). I don’t know if the KHPO4 would diffuse the same way into solid NGM as it would into the molten, liquid NGM? Or should I just toss the plates and start over?


what’ 3-4 hours for a ruined experiment…or worse :o

it’s just not worth it…throw them…




it’s pitiful to make those mistakes… i would throw them away too!
the question “whether or not the KHPO4 is going to dissolve thoroughly” itself is already a questionable factor, so why would you introduce another variable into your experiment?

all the best.

Thank you for the replies. I did re-pour the plates, so now I can sleep better at night! :slight_smile:

wise decision.

garbage in = garbage out