mitoGFP (or any other fluorescence reporter) in pharynx?

Dear all

Can anyone provide me with a reference where they show GFP or other fluorescence markers in pharynx mitochondria?
We obtain a dotted pattern in pharynx with a GFP fusion of one of our genes, which is pretty different from the tubular one described for muscle cells. I just want to know whether anyone else has documented this before.

Thanks in advance

Have you seen Petit et al, who show GSTK-2::GFP and mitotracker in the pharynx?

And did you try Textpresso? That was the second hit for “mitochondria” and “pharynx”. It also gets you a fancy 3D movie in the supplement to Dingley et al, on the first page of results, and doubtless more to compare your pattern to.

Dear HIllel
this is exactly what I was looking for!!!
thank you so much
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