MMRRC Newly Available Strains December 2023 & MMRRC Newly Accepted Strains December 2023

MMRRC Catalog Updates for December 2023

Note: Please note that some of the “Recently Accepted” strains show names that have not been finalized, as official nomenclature is still pending.

Newly Available:

Now available for Distribution: 5 mouse models were made available to order in November 2023 from the MMRRC repository. Strain Detail Sheets for each of these strains can be accessed through the link below.

MMRRC Catalog Search Form, 71385, 71396, 71412, 71414, 71415, 71615

Breeder pairs

MMRRC:071412-UCD, C57BL/6NCrl-2200002D01Rik/Mmucd

MMRRC:071414-UCD, C57BL/6NCrl-6820408C15Rik<em1(IMPC)Mbp>/Mmucd

MMRRC:071415-UCD, C57BL/6NCrl-AI593442<em1(IMPC)Mbp>/Mmucd

MMRRC:071615-JAX, C57BL/6J-Pacs1<em5(PACS1*R201W)Lutzy>/Mmjax

Research applications include: Neurobiology


MMRRC:071380-UNC, C57BL/6J-Ager<em1Xulab/Mmnc

Research applications include: Cardiovascular, Cell Biology, Immunology and Inflammation

Recently Accepted:

The Repository’s newest additions - 9 strains have been accepted in November 2023 and will be available through the MMRRC. When you register interest, you will be notified as soon as the strain is available and ready for your order. Accepted strains are usually available for distribution within seven months from the time MMRRC receives it from the donor.
To register interest you will first need to login, then find the MMRRC product in the catalog and click on the star in the left hand column, then complete the brief query and add. This will save to your ‘My Interested Products’ within your login account.
MMRRC Catalog Search Form, 71613, 71614, 71629, 71630, 71632, 71635, 71636, 71640

MMRRC:071590-MU, C57BL/NJ-Thoc6/Mmmh
Research applications include: Neurobiology
MMRRC:071613-MU, C57BL/6N-Tg(pTRE-Tight-Slc25a1)#Lpu/Mmmh
Research applications include: Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Metabolism, Models for Human Disease, Neurobiology
MMRRC:071614-MU, C57BL/6N-Tg(pTRE-Tight vector-SLC13A5)#Lpu/Mmmh
Research applications include: Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Metabolism, Models for Human Disease, Neurobiology
MMRRC:071629-JAX, C57BL/6J-Svil<em1.1Luna>/Mmjax
Research applications include: Cancer, Cardiovascular, Cell Biology, Diabetes, Models for Human Disease, Obesity, Reproduction





Donate Now:
Your mouse models are a valuable resource. Please consider submitting your strain at Submission Introduction and making it available for distribution to the scientific community. Acceptance and archiving of your strain with the MMRRC is guaranteed with a published paper, in-press manuscript, or access to your phenotype data. We also strongly encourage donating mice you made by modifying an MMRRC strain and/or MMRRC ES cells.

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