MMRRC Retiring Colonies for May 31st, 2024 – Order Now!

MMRRC Catalog Updates for May 31st, 2024

Retiring Colonies:

Order Now - The following Live colonies will soon be taken off the shelf. Once off the shelf, these strains will only be available as cryopreserved germplasm or mice from cryo recovery. Order the following strains distributed from the MMRRC by placing the order online by the dates indicated below to receive mice from the Live colonies.

Order by May 31st, 2024

MMRRC:068317-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Myoz3<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:068328-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Eml3<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:068331-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Mitd1<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:069845-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Gdpd4<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:069852-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Fam227a<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:069862-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Eif4a2<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:069868-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Dpy19l4<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:069879-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Ccser2<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:069880-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Heatr4<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:069883-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Zfp605<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:069889-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Fer1l6<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:069890-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Nudcd1<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:069892-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Naalad2<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:069893-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Plaat1<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:069898-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Dimt1<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

Order by June 28th, 2024

MMRRC:069846-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Clba1<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:069848-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Ranbp3l<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:069867-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Phyhd1<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:069881-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Tmsb10<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:069897-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Dhrs7<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:069903-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Zbtb8os<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

MMRRC:069905-JAX, C57BL/6NJ-Chchd3<em1(IMPC)J>/Mmjax

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Your mouse models are a valuable resource. Please consider submitting your strain at and making it available for distribution to the scientific community. Acceptance and archiving of your strain with the MMRRC is guaranteed with a published paper, in-press manuscript, or access to your phenotype data. We also strongly encourage donating mice you made by modifying an MMRRC strain and/or MMRRC ES cells.

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