modENCODE status

Hello colleagues!
I’m trying to extract information from the modENCODE website but I’m having problems (white/empty pages etc.).
Hitting the ‘Contact Us’ button results in an email to ‘’ that bounces back with a ‘Relaying denied’ message :o
Anyone knows if there is a general problem at modENCODE at this moment?

Hi Peter,

I don’t believe the site is actively maintained anymore, and the ‘Contact Us’ address stopped working in 2016 (if memory serves). I think most/all of the data are accessible via WormMine:

Good luck,

Follow-up: data is also available via the ENCODE website:

There is also

“This site organizes and provides all the ChIP-seq data files generated for transcription factors in worm and fly for both modENCODE and modERN projects”.