More Sustainable Cryopreservation

Dear Worm Folks:
What if we could keep worm stocks in long-term suspended animation using a regular old Minus Twenty (-20C) chest freezer?

Would this be a great thing, for your lab and/or for the World? (Saving Energy+Carbon+Real Estate+Money+Hassle?)

If Yes, please Like! Or if Meh, can you Downvote with a quick reply to that effect?
Feedback is appreciated.

I have a surprising experimental result, and a hypothesis that might lead to a breakthrough - thinking of sharing via MicroPub. I want to challenge others to follow up and vie for the potential prize, since I don’t have a lab at the moment.


This is an answer to an existing challenge: www [dot] freezerchallenge [dot] org/the-challenge [dot] html.


I have not been able to keep my worms alive very long (not years) in a -30C freezer. I suspect you are using something other than the standard worm freezing media? If so, please share (perhaps by publishing a micropub). Janet