MS position to study magnetic field transduction, Illinois State University

Description: a MS position to study the molecular and neuronal basis of magnetic field detection and orientation is available at the Vidal-Gadea lab at Illinois State University. The project will explore the role of iron handling genes and stretch receptors, in the transduction of magnetic force by the nervous system of the nematode, C. elegans. You will join a vibrant team of researchers and will use in-depth behavioral analysis, confocal microscopy, molecular techniques (e.g. cloning), RNAi, qPCR, and optogenetics. Our lab is presently funded by the NIH and the NSF, and has state of the art equipment to facilitate your training and progress. This position will be funded by a combination of TA and RA funds.
Qualifications: The successful candidate should be highly motivated, and will ideally have previous research experience (real-world work experience works too), BSc in biology, and be excited to work in a diverse environment.
More information: Please email Andrés Vidal-Gadea ( with questions. The position starts January 2019 (or ASAP). Check our lab out at: