Multicolor live imaging

Hey worm transgene experts,
What are the current recommendations for worm-optimized fluorescent proteins for live-imaging in three channels? Or even four if that’s a thing. They don’t have to be well behaved subcellularly – just bright and with reasonably distinguishable spectra. Thanks for your advice!

Hi Matt,
The achievements in this paper are quite impressive and potentially relevant for you: Yemini, E., et al. (2021). “NeuroPAL: A Multicolor Atlas for Whole-Brain Neuronal Identification in C. elegans.” Cell 184(1): 272-288 e211.
Good luck with your experiments!

Oh yeah, this is great-- thanks Peter! NeuroPAL is amazing.

For others who might have my same question, I can now also recommend this nice analysis of fluorescent proteins in elegans across the whole spectrum: Sands, Bryan, et al. “A toolkit for DNA assembly, genome engineering and multicolor imaging for C. elegans.” Translational medicine of aging 2 (2018): 1-10. Lots of great options!