Multiple Positions in Bembenek Lab

Several research positions (technician, graduate student, postdoc) are available in the Bembenek Lab ( Our research group is funded by a NIH R01 grant from NIGMS and new startup funding. We study cell division mechanisms using C. elegans as a model organism. Our main R01 funded project seeks to characterize novel functions of separase during cytokinesis. We use multiple advanced live cell imaging techniques, including lattice light sheet and an in house spinning disk. We also use genetics, CRISPR, and biochemistry to explore how mechanisms of cell division operate in a developmental context. We recently moved to the C.S. Mott Center at Wayne State University and are affiliated with an oocyte biology research group with expertise and interest in mammalian systems including human, which will be a great opportunity for potential future collaborations. Interested candidates can send a letter of interest, CV and references to Dr. Joshua Bembenek at