Multiple postdoctoral positions in the Ellis lab

Multiple NIH-funded Postdoctoral Positions in Developmental and Evolutionary Genetics

The laboratory of Dr. Ronald Ellis at Rowan University SOM is seeking talented, creative scientists for postdoctoral positions. Our research focuses on the intersection of Gene Regulation, Reproductive Development and Evolution. We use the nematode C. elegans and its relatives to study how the development of germ cells is regulated by the Gli protein TRA-1, and how this regulation changes during evolution. Some of our recent papers have appeared in Science, Current Biology, PLoS Genetics, Molecular Biology and Evolution, and Nature Communications.

The Project: Our major goals are threefold. (1) To determine how TRA-1 isoforms regulate target genes in the germ line. (2) To learn how Gli proteins function by dissecting the regulatory interactions between TRA-1 and associated chromatin regulators. (3) To identify regulatory changes that altered sexual development during evolution, so as to produce hermaphroditic nematodes.

Qualifications: A Ph.D. in Molecular Biology or a related discipline is required. Strength in several of the following areas is needed to be competitive: familiarity with the nematode C. elegans or one of its relatives, classical genetic techniques, mutant screening, reverse genetic approaches, analysis of animal development, and skill with evolutionary and phylogenetic methods. An outstanding record of communicating scientific results through writing and seminars is desired.

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Rowan University SOM is located in Stratford NJ, a suburb of Philadelphia with access to downtown by commuter rail. Thus, we are part of the vibrant scientific and cultural life of the city, but enjoy affordable housing, easy commutes, and a beautiful campus. Washington DC, Baltimore, New York City and the Jersey shore are within easy driving distance.