Mutation assay.

Dear All,
Curently I am investigating new genotoxin/mutagen.
It cause mutations in vitro in the cancer cells. (SNPs, no pattern)
Now I aim to check wheter it cause mutataions in C. elegans.
Can someone suggest a “reporter” strain for SNPs detection.
Or a strategy to do that.
Whole genome seq. is an option, on last stage, first I would like to verify this mutations in another way.
Thank You!

The only reporter-based assay I know offhand is Tijsterman, Pothof, and Plasterk, but that’s mostly about frameshift mutations rather than SNPs and in any case what I know offhand in this area doesn’t mean much. In general there’s a lot of published literature on C. elegans mutator phenotypes that should be helpful to you, and also on assessing mutagens. You could for example look at Elizabeth de Stasio’s papers using suppression of unc-93; it gives an incredibly easy visible assay with which to detect animals with loss of function in any of four genes, meaning that the mutations occur often enough to be useful and the responsible mutations can be identified with a limited amount of sequencing. But, again, that’s just what occurred to me from old memories, I would encourage you to read more recent papers on these topics and then once you’ve done so you might contact the authors with any further questions.