I cannot get WormBase installation of N-Browse launch properly. It always gives the error that the gene identification is ambigious and shows no results. I can get it working via N-Browse homepage (only with firefox not safari on a mac) but the interactions there don’t include all stated in wormbase.

Will there be an update to N-Browse integration with wormbase?


Unfortunately the N-Browse and Wormbase don’t exactly matched as you found out, so currently you will have to look at both. You might also want to consider looking at Wormnet since this also lists some interesting interologous and predicted interactions. Lastly, if you are only interested in visualizing data from multiple databases in a format similar to n-browse, consider downloading the program called Cytoscape, which can present data in a similar fashion.

Thank you for the response. I guess I have to manually put them in Cytoscape. Does anybody by any chance know if I can use OmniGraffle for visualization similar to Cytoscape?