'Naturally Obsessed' Film to show on PBS

Has anyone seen the film Naturally Obsessed? This is a 60-min documentary that follows three grad students in a lab at Columbia over a three-year period. I would like to know if it is worth renting the film to screen for our graduate students.


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Here is a recent review.

I do think the filmmakers are really good at what they do. The video-grapher, Buddy Squire, has won Oscars and Emmy’s. He is the originator of the Ken Burn’s effect. He and Ken were roommates in film school. Riverside must have a decent film school, someone over there might want to participate some how.

I have watched this movie three times with audiences of scientists and as a whole they really like it. The reaction that I saw variations of several times is " Finally a movie about me. I want my family and friends to see this movie". If you show it get PIs and Postdocs to come as well, the geneticists and biologists among them will feel really good about their decision not to become crystallographers.

How did you hear about this movie and why do you want the grad students to see it?

Full disclosure; I helped make this movie.


Naturally Obsessed will be showing on PBS stations in April through June, 2010.

Check here for broadcast times: