nematode assembly hub - feedback wanted

reposted here, as UCSC doesn’t allow posts soliciting testers for assembly hubs:


I am working since a bit on creating a nematode assembly hub covering the WormBase core species.
While I was passing it around internally, I would like to solicit some feedback from the wider community.

Currently I got two variants on our development server:
a.) an version for UCSC which includes human readable genome names and HAL snake tracks of a 29-way progressive cactus run

and b.) a version for EnsEMBL
It has the assembly names mapped to the one used by EnsEMBL(-genomes).
it can be found here:

I also have not yet added a BLAT server, but I guess there are enough sites where you can blat/blast/whatever against the genomes

Another thing is, that it is also currently still in development. so it is changing quite often and not 100% in synch with the current release (WS248).

any feedback is more than welcome,