Nematode Cell size

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Cells in C. elegans are roughly 3 - 30 microns in diameter. I was wondering if anyone can share the appropriate literature, which shows the size of C. elegans muscle and neuronal cells at different stages of life cycle. I need to know the size of cells mostly at young and aged (day-1 of adulthood and day 7 of adulthood).

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Here’s a recent paper where they sorted out different cells from young and old worms.
There’s one figure showing the sorted cells but didn’t mention the ages. Maybe you can ask them.

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Thank you very much for your kind response and information. I already saw this paper, if you check the methodology section of this paper, they have manually picked the C. elegans Muscle cells using an Olympus IX73 microscope. To isolate C. elegans Muscle cells we are using the cell Nylon membrane 20 micrometer filter cell strainer. That makes a huge difference. Now we have planned to use a cell strainer mesh with high diameter.

Even I will contact the authors you have mentioned.

Again thank you very much