Nematode genome sites

Is there a central site for all nematode genome sequences - either complete or partial/in progress? I have an approx. 100 residue C. elegans protein sequence. If I BLAST this against NCBI (blastp or tblastn) I get some hits. However, I’ve also found these two sites -
BLASTING these gives me additional sequences that don’t come up with NCBI.

Googling “nematode genomes” brings up -
I know Mark Blaxter has a genomics site but, TBH, I don’t find this the easiest to use (it seems to take you around in circles somewhat!).

Actually and is one of Mark Blaxters sites and the most complete source of information about ongoing sequencing projects.

And as most projects also deposit their sequences at INSDC (DDBJ/ENA/GenBank), you will find them also through their web services.