Neurobiology Topic Meeting, 8th - 11th July 2020, Vienna, Austria

Dear worm neuro-afficionados,

we are glad to announce the C. elegans Topic Meeting 2020 on neuronal development, synaptic function and behavior, which will be held from 8th - 11th July 2020, in beautiful Vienna, Austria!

Abstract submission ends March 31st, 2020, and registration on April 30th, 2020. Please go here for all details including information on the program, invited speakers, conference venue, travel, accomodation, and Vienna:

CeNeuro2020 | C. elegans Topic Meeting: neuronal development, synaptic function and behavior.

Looking forward to welcome you in the summer, and to learn about your exciting research!

The organizing committee:

Luisa Cochella (IMP, Vienna, Austria),
Henrik Bringmann (University of Marburg, Germany),
Manuel Zimmer (University of Vienna, Austria),
Alexander Gottschalk (University of Frankfurt, Germany)