neuronal transcription factors (?)

Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a comprehensive list or database depository with most or all C.elegans transcription factors? I am specifically trying to narrow down a list of potential RNAi targets to carry a knock-down experiments to check the loss of signal of a GFP transcriptional reporter that expresses only in neurons with hope that this will tell me a bit about its regulation. For that purpose, a list (or a transcriptome data of sorts) with TFs expressed/acting in neurons (predicted or tested) would be very helpful.

thanks in advance.


Depending on the stage of interest, there are several transcriptional profiles of neurons you can access. Embryonic cell culture/FACS profiling experiments have been performed for touch neurons (Zhang et al 02), AFD and AWB chemosensory neurons (Colosimo et al 04), GABAergic motor neurons (Cinar et al 05), DA motor neurons (Fox et al 05), and pan-neural (Von Stetina, Watson et al 07). mRNA-tagging experiments from larval stages have produced profiles for ciliated chemosensory neurons (Kunitomo et al 05), pan-neural (Watson et al 08), VA motor neurons (Von Stetina, Watson et al 07), and ASE neurons (Takayama et al 09). I am sure there are some from the Hobert lab as well. In addition, SAGE analysis from the Moerman lab is available for several tissues (

You should also be able to use WormMart to download a list of predicted/confirmed transcription factors.

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