New allele and variant data and features in release 4.0 of the Alliance of Genome Resources

This release focuses on new allele and variant information, including:

  • Alleles and Variants
    • A new Alleles and Variants page includes all alleles and variants for a gene and can be accessed by clicking the "View all Alleles and Variants information" on Gene Detail pages. For an example, see: the Alleles and Variants Details page for the Danio rerio gene, lama1
    • High-throughput variant data are also included on these pages, though human and mouse high-throughput data won't be present until a future release.
    • Includes missense variant pathogenicity.
    • Downloadable files of Variants/Alleles as well as Variants (VCF), are available from the Data and Tools menu.
  • AllianceMine
    • The initial beta release of AllianceMine, part of the community of online data resources based on the InterMine software framework, can be accessed from the Data and Tools menu.
    • This release includes genes, genome coordinates, Gene Ontology (GO), and Disease data.
  • Genetic Interactions
    • New to this release are genetic interactions on Gene Detail pages.
    • These interaction tables can be downloaded.
  • You can now exclude terms from your search results
    • In subcategories in the left hand results of your search, if you mouse over a term, an X will appear which will allow you to exclude that term.