New York Area Worm Meeting: THIS THURSDAY!

Join us for the next New York Area Worm Meeting on Thursday, Nov 29th.

Location: 19 West 4th Street, between Mercer and Green, Rm 101

Reception at 6:30 PM, sponsored by Advanced Imaging Concepts (

Talks at 7:15 PM:
Ivan Gusarov, NYU, “Bacterial nitric oxide extends the lifespan of C. elegans
Jianjun Wang, Benovic Lab, Thomas Jefferson University, “The worm grk-2 regulates egg-laying behavior through serotonin metabolism”
Miyeko Mana, Piano Lab, NYU, “Systematic analysis of localization patterns in Caenorhabditis elegans early embryo”
Greg Minevich, Hobert Lab, Columbia, “CloudMap: A cloud-based pipeline for analysis of mutant genome sequences”

Co-organizers: Itzak Mano, Matthew Rockman, Alicia Meléndez
For more information: