NIH Loan Repayment Programs (LRP) Award!

Are you a US citizen or permanent resident with student loan debt? The NIH has a loan repayment program to help you pay them off!

Apply for an NIH Loan Repayment Programs (LRP) Award!

We are excited to announce that the NIH is accepting applications for the Extramural LRP until November 16, 2023. By applying for this two-year LRP award, you have the opportunity to get up to $100,000 of your qualified educational loan debt repaid by the NIH.

To help you learn more about this incredible program, we invite you to join us for the LRP Technical Assistance Webinar on October 2, 2023 (click the link to register). This webinar will provide valuable information on the LRP application process, our eligibility requirements, and the numerous benefits of receiving an LRP award.

If you are unable to attend the webinar, don’t worry! You can still register for the webinar, so that you will receive a link to view a recording at a later time. You can also visit the LRP website and watch our informative overview video.

Remember, the deadline to submit an Extramural LRP application this year is November 16, 2023.

Best Regards,

Matthew R. Lockhart, MBA

Director, NIH Division of Loan Repayment

Visit the LRP Website