Noticeable unc


Does anyone know of any X-linked unc strains where the phenotype is able to be differentiated from wild-type worms at the L1-L3 stage?

Pretty sure unc-3 is on the X, but can’t recall if the phenotype is visible at L1. Def is at L2 and beyond.


My favorite X-linked Uncs were probably unc-2 and unc-3; I never tried to score them in L1 or L2 but they’re very strong in L3 and L4 and probably they’d work earlier. There are a bunch of other recessive Uncs on the X that I remember using (pag-3, unc-6, unc-9, unc-18, unc-20) that I didn’t use as much or didn’t like as much.

There’s also Unc mutants of twk-18 and sup-10 but they’re dominant. Still, maybe that would be useful to you. sup-10 can also be used as a recessive suppressor of Unc, if that’s somehow useful.

Try unc-18.
A million years ago we used unc-18 (e81) X to bulk isolate F1 herms from males after crosses between wt males and unc-18 hermaphrodites. After bleach synchronization, the L1 unc-18 males were sufficiently paralyzed that only the hermaphrodite L1s (heterozygotes) could crawl to food and continue development.